About Us

Supermoist is a cheeky, fun brand with a sense of humour.  We are very serious about our brand when manufacturing good quality clothing, wetsuits, BCDs and other scuba equipment, however getting ''Supermoist'' isn't limited to the scuba divers out there, everyone likes it wet...moist...Supermoist; our adventurous side makes us the perfect company to search for other weird and wonderful items for no real reason, for other extreme sports like enduro motorcycling, hunting (and we don't mean buying that chick at the bar a drink and hoping for some action later, we mean real men/women kind of hunting with animals etc), BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE...coming soon. 

3-D printing is one of our mighty talents so feel free to discuss any concept or design of just about anything and we'll design and 3-D print it for you.  Yes, just about anything except a new mother-in-law, but give us some time and I'm sure we'll eventually be printing those too.  If you don't know what 3-D printing is, get out of your cave, look it up quick because you are missing out!